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Why am I blogging?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Blogging has been consistently trendy for the past few years now. I never once thought of starting a blog and hopping onto the bandwagon, until recently when I found myself wondering when I was going to explode. Why? I have always been a word enthusiast to say the least. It started with a love for reading series upon series of fictional books, to even writing stories of my own. After the laziness that comes with growing up settled in, I moved into poetry and prose pieces. When the rigor of high school settled in, I only ever found myself writing if it was academic related, which turned out to not be so bad when I found myself continuously opting in for research opportunities.

But alas, all of these while enjoyable, never really seemed to provide me with complete satisfaction. That changed when a personal essay of mine was published in a national literary magazine. Friends and family shared the post over and over on Facebook and streams of comments came tumbling in on how much they enjoyed my piece on finally accepting my Black skin as beautiful. I was in awe. My thoughts were not only interesting but also adored? I always knew writing was a talent of mine, but I thought it was one of those talents you had and were sometimes recognized by others.

A similar sensation occurred when I created a mock TedTalk for a class assignment. It had to be an explanatory and persuasive speech addressing something personally related, so I decided to talk about the problems of stereotyping through the lens of a third culture kid. After presenting to my class, my teacher asked me to give the speech to the entire school and I did. Once again, I was in awe at the looks of amazement from my teachers and peers. They applauded and praised me for what I thought were just the simple words of a probably common perspective, but it wasn't that common after all.

Similar events occurred and now as I am going to university for a degree in Communication, I am fully aware of my passions and talents. I love words, whether I am speaking them or writing them. I love creating understandings; building a bridge between a problem and its solution with the tools of communication. Taking the courses related to my major have only deepened this love. But this depth comes with its consequences; I feel like I could explode.

The thoughts and words I once kept to myself no longer want to remain in the dark. Like the compressed carbon of a Coke bottle or the helium in a birthday balloon, my words bounce and boil within me. They rock and shake around my head, so when even the tiniest gap is made, they will whiz and fly and buzz into the world.

So I want to blog to release, and hopefully to inspire. Not to gain praise but to pursue a passion and more importantly, a purpose.

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