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Dear Young Queens

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Dear Young Queens Postcard

*possible TW*

To that man, at that party, in that place; you tried it. You really did. You thought, and probably even still think, you were worthy. Worthy of an emblem to a force that is so indescribably out of your understanding, you would fall to your knees for mercy. You don't measure up to this power, and you are not capable of taking it despite what you may think and what you do. Hear me and hear me clear; You. Are. Not. Worthy.

To the women who read this and think back to that man, at that party, in that place; he failed. He failed because you represent a force that could never be taken away. You embody a lineage of power and are capable of indescribable might. You are a woman, you are a Queen. Your body is a beautiful masterpiece and a structure of strength. Women, us Queens, have been and will always be of awe as we do all that we do. Our amazement isn't even fully unlocked, nevertheless capable of being taken. He failed merely because you are you. Now to me from myself;

Young queen please don’t cry Please push that chin up Please don’t let your crown fall Please don’t forget you’re royalty Please stand tall Please stand strong Please fight back Please know you aren’t alone Please look to your fellow queens Please see their shoulders, stronger than steel as they hold the world up Please see their hands, calloused and hard from constantly rebuilding what they tried to tear down Please see their eyes, hollowed and sunken yet still hopeful despite what they see Please see their lips quivering but always ready to speak out Please, young queen, you are gold and silver and jade and pearl You are precious You are beautiful You are cherished You are valuable Please, young queen, continue to reign on

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